How to Install Blinds With Cover
- Dec 29, 2017 -

How to Install Blinds With Cover?

As for cover have three types, more details can see how to order page. However use the same brackets. 

Roller blinds can with cover and without cover. Zebra blinds and shangri-la blinds must with cover.

Brackets - There are two mounting brackets, inside mount for ceiling bracket(left) and outside mount for wall brackets also called L brackets (right).High quality for durable using,usually width within 1.5m that use two brackets for each blind, if width over 1.5m that use three or four brackets. Each order we will send spare brackets. 

wall brackets ceiling brackets

1. Remark Points  


Measure both height then remark points with pencil, if install two brackets to remark two points, if install three brackets to remark three points. Make sure points from both sides the same distance and keep points for one line to make pull for smooth. 


2. Drill Hole 

Use the electric drill to drill remarked points and put rubber plug in the hole.

drill hole

3. Fix Brackets

Fix the brackets with screwdriver , for inside mount install inside of window frame, for outside mount install outside of window frame or on the wall.

top brackets wall brackets

4. Insert Bracket to Top Cover 

Press brackets spring part then insert into top rail,should hear one click sound then brackets fixed the cover. 

inside brackets outside brackets

5. Install Successful 


outside mount blinds inside mount blinds

              Outside Mount                                                              Inside Mount 


1)With cassette for puling method have three types, cord string, plastic chain or metal chain. Use metal chain looks for better quality, however have a bit noise when during pulling. Cord string for less noise compare two other pulling method. When place order please inform which type of pulling method you need. 

2)For winder blinds,have another person help you hold the blind,while placing it into the brackets.

3)During delivery or long time use that fabric if a bit slant please pull the back of fabric to make straight. If still that can use adhesive tape stick on the aluminum tube on the side you want the blind to go to. Add a couple more thickness until the blind rolls up straight. 

4)If for manual type please install chain tension device and make sure beside of blinds do not have high desk let children and pets safety.

5)If you decide chain position for each blinds please offer to us when place order, we will according to your request to put the chain at the side as you want. 

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