How to Install Roller Blinds Without Cover
- Dec 29, 2017 -

How to Install Roller Blinds Without Cover?

Items Checklist:

•Roller Blind

•Brackets & Screws (2 screw per bracket)

•Chain tension holder & screws

Tools you will need:


•Measuring tape

Screws could differ depending upon the application of the job,you will need to purchase some at your local home improvement store.Keep in mind when you installing blinds that in most cases,you can use two screws per bracket and two to three brackets per window blind.If you need screws offer from us please inform us we will put one kind of screw and not sure if suitable for you.

Brackets - There are two mounting brackets provided with each blind. One is a “chain drive bracket” (left) and one is the “end tail bracket” (right). The chain drive bracket goes to the side you’ve requested for operation with chain. 

roller blinds brackets

Face/Wall/Outside Mount

Position the brackets at each end, flush with the window frame and screw them into place using two screws per bracket. Being sure to put the chain drive bracket on the control side.

brackets for window blinds

Recess/ Ceiling/ Inside Mount

Please note that there will be a gap from the edge of your recess to the fabric of approximately 15-20mm(0.6 inch-0.79inch)

Mount the Chain Drive Bracket against the inside of the reveal (frame) and the pin end a few millimeters clear of the reveal (frame).

brackets for blinds

Positioning Your Roller – Slide the chain drive onto the tongue of your chain drive bracket. Ensure that the cage of the chain drive is in the upright position. Push the pin drive into the pin drive bracket. IMPORTANT: Rotate the transparent cog on the pin until you hear at least one click as this will lock the blind in place.

recessed blinds face blinds

Extending the pin end to achieve a wider width - The end tail of the roller blind use three class retractable system, has the ability to allow you to achieve a wider width if required. This gives you the option of being able to adjust the blind for a mistake measure and to give a tighter fit if the blind is too loose in the brackets. Simply rotate the clear plastic cog. The pin will then extend in 1mm increments. The pin will allow a total width adjustment of 8mm (after this point, the pin will then retract back to its initial position). To take your roller blind down, simply rotate the cog in the opposite direction so that you do not hear the clicking sound and the chain drive will release, allowing you to remove the blind from the bracket.That is very easy to install when you install by yourself. 

roller shade clutch       roller shade clutch parts

Child Tension Device– with chain tension device be secured to prevent risk of strangulation.

To fasten, hook the chain into the device and mount it to the architrave or inside reveal. Place the device slightly out of the way of the blind, so it does not interfere with the operation. The secured cord tension-er must allow the chain to have some slack but not be able to form a loop of more than 220mm. Too much tension will make the blind hard to operate. For three types of chain tension device, big transparent type left one, small transparent type middle one, U shape type right one.


chain devicechain holderchain tensioner

Removing the chain for replacement - Slide the chain drive from the tube. Holding the end cap, lift open the lever on the side. Push the end against a solid surface and gently release the chain drive enough to remove the chain and replace with a new one.

blinds clutch


1)If your blinds that hard to operate or is making a clunking noise and not rolling smoothly, it is likely that the positioning of the chain drive end of the blind,is in the incorrect position in the bracket. Please go back to the” positioning of the blind” section of the instructions and make sure that the end cap had not been slightly rotated out of position.

2)For large blinds,have another person help you hold the blind,while placing it into the brackets.

3)From time to time a blind can track off to one side,making it hard to wind up and risk the cloth being damaged. This can easily be remedied by unrolling the blind and placing a 10cm piece of masking tape onto the aluminum tube on the side you want the blind to go to. Add a couple more thickness until the blind rolls up straight. If this does not fix the problem please contact us.

4)To maintain child safety laws,be sure to attach the chain tension device and keep furniture and cots away from blinds chain and cords.

5)Be sure to not rub the blind too hard when cleaning as you may damage the fabric. 

6)If the blind has a small curl or kink due to transport,please let the blind settle. And this should fall out over time.Warm weather will usually rectify this.Blinds left in one position for long periods of time,will result in the fabric holding a memory and holding a curve/kink to the fabric. This will drop out over time. Try to rotate the blind to different heights regularly to avoid this occurring. 

7) If you decide that you would like to have the chain control on the opposite side to what you have ordered, simply remove the end caps and swap to opposite sides.You will also need to swap the bracket positions over.