How to Install Vertical Blinds
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Vertical blinds is also called vertical Venetian blinds, that for vertical fabric hang below top rail to rotate vane for adjust light and open close. Must with one chain and one cord string.Chain use for adjusting light and cord string use for close and open. The operate can be from left to right, or right to left or from middle.


Tools prepare


Brackets,screws,screw driver,drill,pencil,measure tape


Vertical Blinds Install Steps

1, Measure both sides width and use pencil for mark

  measure vertical blinds

2, Use drill to drill hole

blinds drill

3, Pulg into scewbolt 

rubber blinds

4, Fix screw,if for wood frame that do not need to drill, just use screw to fix. 

vertical blinds brackets

5, Top rail insert into bracket directly 

vertical blinds rail    vertical blinds top rail

6, Hang outside rail and both side for the same 

vertical blinds

Above steps for inside mount, outside mount the step is the same.

Top brackets and wall bracket need use together for outside mount.

Fix wall bracket on the wall. Then top rail insert into top bracket directly.

vertical blinds wall brackets   vertical blinds outside mount