How to Measure Blinds
- Dec 29, 2017 -

How to Measure Blinds

For all measurements,use a steel tape measure only

Inside Mount 

inside mount blinds

Window blinds are installed inside the window casing.

Step 1: Measure the inside of window frame in 3 places: the top, middle and bottom.

Record the narrowest width. Then reduce to 5mm (about 0.2inch),we would not deduct, if you need us to deduct please inform us. 

Step 2: Measure the height at 3 places: left side, middle and right side. if horizontal blinds record the longest height, if for vertical blinds record shortest height. 

Tip: inside mount window depth for without cover type need about 5cm(2 inch), for with cover type need about 8cm(3 inch)

Outside Mount 

outside mount blinds

Window blinds are mounted outside the window casing and provide better privacy,mount directly on the wall or to the window molding.

Step 1: Measure the width of the area you want to cover. We recommend adding at least 10-20mm(4”-8”) to your measurement (2” or 4” on each side) to help eliminate light gaps and ensure privacy. That need to depends on your installed environment.both sides if have enough space to cover and window if side by side.

Step 2: Measure the height of the area you want to cover. We recommend adding at least 20mm(8”) to cover the whole window. If vertical blinds for door to floor that height could not add.


Why my blinds width≠blinds fabric width?

blinds fabric

Width make from end cap to end cap included mechanism, the bracket and the mechanism will take some distance on both sides , that is why the fabric width is always narrower than the blinds width, usually fabric width smaller than blinds with about 25mm(1inch)


Measure Tips 

• Always use a metal tape measure.

• We require your measurements in millimeter, if you offer in inch that we will convert into millimeter for production. However label we still stick inch that you can find easily when you receive.

• Measure width x height (drop )(do not reverse these).the production is based on first size for width from left to right measure and second size for height from top to bottom measure. Please be carefully and offer correct measurements and do not be reverse.Always clearly indicate which measurement is the width and which is the height.

• Measure every window. There may be slight variation that may affect your window furnishings fitting perfectly. Some windows looks like the same measurements in fact that would still be a bit different, to make sure every window had been measured. For inside mount that must be carefully if too tight that could not be fit well. 

• Do not take your measurements from house plans as they will not be accurate.when all finished and install all the windows, then measure one by one.


• If measuring with a partner, make sure they repeat the measurements out loud as they write them down.When all write down that should be double check.

• Double check all details are correct before ordering,when arrange for production that could not modify from small sizes to bigger sizes. So please double check all measurements when you send payment. measure at least twice before recording your final measurement.

Mounting Considerations 

Why Choose an Inside Mount?

Clean look,allows for showcasing attractive.

Things To Consider:

1) Deductions and light gaps: a small deduction in width is taken to ensure proper operating clearance,this gap may affect the blinds ability to darken a room.

2) Obstructed views:when fully opened,the stack(compressed portion of the blinds)will obstruct part if view from your window,stack height will vary by product and size. 

3) Architectural obstacles:obstacles such as handles and cranks can interfere with operation of the inside mount blinds.

4) Depth considerations:be sure your window meets the minimum depth requirements for installation.

Why Choose an Outside Mount?

1)Improve privacy and light control:light gaps on the both sides of blinds can be substantially diminished or eliminated.

2)Fewer installation limitations:ideal for covering non-square windows or if you want an unobstructed view then fully opened.

3)Fewer architectural obstacles:clears obstacles like handles and cranks.