How to Order Blinds
- Dec 29, 2017 -

How to Order Blinds

how to order online blinds

Whether you are furnishing a new home or renovating your existing home, window coverings and treatments are often left as one of the last decision. Weather you go to your local store or search on internet, that is not a hard thing to order the perfect blinds for your home and house. Making thing easier,follow below tips that make you purchase blinds online goes easy and comfortable. 

1, Choose

1) First Choose the style and style color you prefer, each style color swatch have color item number. If you need more colors please contact us to get. 

2) Choose cover , if you confirm the style and color, then you need to consider which system you prefer. Such as roller blinds have without cover and with cover. 

Zebra blinds and Shangri-La blinds must with top cover ( three types of cover, off white cover, fabric insert into cover) 

zebra blinds cassette

                           Off white Cover                White Cover                   Fabric insert into Cover

3) Choose system,Control method for manual style( cord string, plastic chain,stainless steel chain) when place order please offer type of pulling and need put on right hand or left hand. or motorized system with remote controller (motor 25mm wired motor(motor wire for left hand or right hand when order need to point out) or 25mm battery motor)remote controller:single remote controller and muti-channel remote controller(max control 15 blinds)

blinds chain

                        Plastic Chain                Metal Chain                        Cord String

Motor Remote Controller

                           Wired Motor                Battery Motor                        Muti-channel/Single  


Measuring window is very simple, please according to measure guide page,how to measure. When finish measure to fill the table as below: 


Style Color


Height (mm)


Control Side


Chain Height

















































1) Location:
write room name or any label you want,we will stick on blinds when you receive blinds then can find right blinds quickly to install. 

2) Style color: such as you choose roller blinds for blackout item number 3911 gray black color, then just write roller blinds 3911 then we will know clearly. 

3) Width: from left to right measure, the blinds we make width from end cap to end cap included components and clutch, so fabric width would be narrower than blinds width. The production based on millimeter, you also can offer inch that we will convert into millimeter.

4) Height: from top to down measure,unit millimeter, also can offer inch.


5) Cover: Roller blinds can without and with cover, zebra blinds and Shangri-La blinds must with cover(cover type as above picture for reference), Venetian blinds, Vertical blinds,Curtain and Cellular shades without cover 

6) Control Side: for manual type, please point chain/cord put on which side, R( stand for Right hand) and L(stand for Left hand), according to your request for production. 

7) IM/OM: IM for inside mount also called recess mount, OM for outside mount also called face mount. Cos some types of blinds inside mount and outside mount the brackets would be different, you need to tell us that to match correct brackets for you. 

8)Chain Height: If for motorized type this line can be deleted, if for manual type chain height usually shorter than blinds height. However some hard reach window or high window sill that you need offer chain height. As for loop plastic chain/cord string height 500mm( 19.7inch), 750mm( 29.5inch), 1000mm(39.4inch),1250mm(49.2inch), 1750mm(68.8inch),2000mm(78.7inch), if need according to your request to connect please choose metal chain. All chain/ cord that with chain holder device to make it safe for children and pets. 


When every detail confirm then to order and pay,payment term can be by Paypal, TT bank transfer, trade assurance etc.Once receive payment will arrange for production. The production time it is usually within one week. 

4. Ship

Once finish will offer exact weight and shipping cost to you, you can transfer shipping cost.Once receive shipping cost will arrange for shipment. Usually send by express door to door service such as DHL, FedEx


When you receive you can install by yourself that according to page how to install or you can ask your local installer to help you. Our blinds are designed to be as easy to fit as possible.