How to Program Motorized Battery Motor
- Mar 29, 2018 -

Each motorized blinds before packing we should be programmed, however sometimes you want to change new motor and discode careless. that is for good to learn some steps how to program. 


1,Remote controller match code setting

1)Use toothpick or sharp things to press setting button(red circle part)about 2 seconds,motor sound a while and motor turn forward and backward one time  

motor components motor charger

2)Press P2 button,the back of remote controller,motor move and sound one time


3)Press P2 button one more time then motor move and sound again


3)Press remote controller up button,motor move and sound six times, remote controller and motor match code successfully

remote controller  


 motor program


2. Set up and down limit position:

1) Press P2 button one time and motor move sound one time

2) Press up button one time then motor move and sound one time

3) Press P2 button again,motor move and sound four times

4) Press up button then blinds go up, when arrive the the top you need then press stop button the motor stop,press stop button five times(each press need within 3 seconds) each press motor sound one time. Then up limit set successfully.(if process of setting,motor when go up or go down,press P2 button, motor become step by step position then can set limit properly.

5)Press down button then goes down the height you need then press stop button,then press 5 times continuously(within 3 seconds),each time sound then set successfully.

 program motor



1) Each time press motor set button shortly,motor forward-stop-backward-stop

2) Press set button 2 seconds,motor move one time then for match code position

3) Press set button six seconds,motor move twice,motor change position and limit do not influence.

4) Press set button 12 seconds,motor move three times,motor restore factory setting,clear all memory

5) After Restore factory setting,first use motor then need press set button above 2 seconds

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