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- Jun 12, 2018 -

                                                                        Maintenance of Curtains

Curtains, if cleaned regularly, can prevent “fouling”, so it is important to clean the curtains when cleaning the room.

1.Wipe softly the dust and hair on the curtain with a feather duster every week.

2.Use Vacuum suck the dust on curtain every month.

                                                             How Many Times to Clean Curtains

Curtains can't be washed frequently.That is the best that wash one time for one year. Some people may wash twice or more for one year, this will affect the original texture and beauty of the curtain, warmth and shading will also be reduced.

                                                                   How to Clean Curtains 

When cleaning, please do not wash directly with detergent, first put a little salt in the water, soak for 30 minutes, then add liquid detergent. If use etergent to wash curtains directly that will cause fading and affect the original color of the curtain fabric.


1, Perforated Curtains

When clean perforated curtains, first must be tied tightly with ropes ; then they should be packed with “curtain special cleaning mesh bags” and put in the washing machine for add neutral detergent to clean

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2. Sheer Curtains VS Lace curtains

Sheer curtains and lace curtains should be packed into “curtain special cleaning mesh bags” then put into a washing machine with neutral detergent.                 

 Note: Could not wash by hand and put into the washing machine directly.

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3,Curtain Valance

Whether it is a water wave curtain valance or an independent valance, it can not be put into the washing machine directly. The Velcro on the curtain should use cloth to cover and pack tightly,  then put into “curtain special cleaning mesh bag” and use neutra detergent to wash in washing machine. 

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4. Velvet, Italian Velvet, Embroidery

Such curtains, as well as some imported high-end curtains, are best sent to professional dry cleaners for cleaning. Remember not to throw in the washing machine directly. It is easy to shrink or deform, and fluff is also easy to fall off.


5. Lace curtains

Lace and other curtain decorations should be disassembled and washed separately. After drying, they can be sewn.

                                                             Curtain Cleaning Steps

1. Disassemble

You can use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the curtain surface before disassembling. Do not pull hard when curtain stuck. You should separate the hook from the curtain before removing the curtain.

2. Curtain soaking

Should be soaked in warm water, adding neutral detergent to the water and usually last about one hour. if the curtain is not cleaned for a long time, the soaking time needs to be extended.

3. Curtain washing

Containing flannelettes, silk fabrics and some high-grade fabrics are not suitable for automatic washing with washing machines. Such curtains are recommended to be hand-washed or sent to a dedicated laundry shop for dry cleaning. If you wash directly with a washing machine, it will cause fiber breakage.

4. Drying curtains

Curtain fabrics the same as clothes, if exposed to prolonged exposure, can cause discoloration. It is recommended that you choose a cool, dry place to air the curtains. If the curtains are dried directly, the texture of the curtain fabric will be damaged and change, and effect the beauty.


Some people worry about the difficulty in cleaning the curtains,  fear of deformation. Therefore, you can choose to send the curtains to the cleaning shop for cleaning.It is generally calculated by the square, and the approximate price for washing curtain you can compare different shops in your local market.

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