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- Jan 08, 2018 -

Wood Venetian blinds made from real wood or faux wood, real wood use basswood,and faux wood blinds use for foam PVC. Real wood for natural wood to make elegant and let room full of wood smell,suitable for study room, living room,exhibition hall,etc.Wood blinds provide warmth to any living space while helping with light control and noise reduction.

Slat Width:25mm(1inch),35mm(1.4 inch),50mm(2 inch)

Max width it is better within 2.4m(94 inch), height within 2m(79 inch)


Wood blinds use natural basswood material that close to nature,back to nature.Venetian blinds is sophisticated and traditional. Timber blinds is a true classic blinds that bring warm feeling to any space with large selection of colors, total for fifteen different colors.

       wood slats



1. Wood Venetian blinds is simple,vivid, and environment friendly that suitable for any space.

2. Wood blinds keep the wood high density and strong material to make wood blinds is durable,not easily to deform. It is smooth texture and elegant features.

3. Wood blinds slats are delicate with unique technology ,through strict quality test, slat would not be deformed and cracked which have benefits with temperature resistance,cold resistance,mildew prevention. The surface are smooth and with texture color.Slats process through special techniques to keep the smell of wood.

                      wood blinds

Maintain and Clean

1. Use imported silicone oil often to spray locked parts and make sure them smoothly.

2. Usually to operate blinds in case too much dust when long time do not pull. Surface of slats can use dry towel and duster to remove, or use special tool as below picture.

3. If for stain that use soft cloth with mild detergent to clean.

               wood blinds cleaner