What Is Under Roll& Over Roll For Roller Blinds
- Dec 29, 2017 -

What is Back(Under) Roll and Front (Over) Roll for Roller Blinds? 

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Back(under)roll that fabric roll back of tube,Back rolled blinds means that the fabric comes off the back of the blind . Back rolled blinds are usually used in outside mounted blinds to ensure the fabric stays tight to the architrave for maximum privacy and light control. It is also important to back roll your blind if adding a pelmet.This is the most popular way of having the fabric hang off a roller blind tube, it keeps the fabric as close to the window in recess mount and it also keeps the fabric is as close to the wall when face mounting the blinds. This means the best heat and light reflection. In fact under roll that for standard roll for usually supplier to make it way, that make fabric close to tube when pull up to prevent and block more light.

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 Front (over)roll also called reverse roll means that the fabric rolls off the front of the roll tube – similar to a waterfall. Front roll blinds are usually used for inside mounted blinds to ensure the fabric is not obstructed by any knobs, handles, winders or inner window frames. With this style , the fabric will wrap the top roll when total pull down that could not see bare tube. Is ideal for customer who don't want to see the roll at the top of their window. The fabric comes off the front of the tube so the tube is hidden behind the fabric. Front Roll when mount blind on the wall that will create bigger light gap as the fabric will not be as close to the wall,however that give you clean and design look. 

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Day and night roller blinds that can perfect to get solution for under roll and over roll. One layer sunscreen fabric at inner side for under roll for day use. The other layer blackout fabric at outside side for over roll for night use to blocking more light and get more privacy. Over roll blackout blinds above the under roll solar blinds, even two blinds with one system however you just can see one roll that looks more clean and simple. Dual blinds really a good choice for your perfect home decor and design. 

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