Why Choose Roller Blinds
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Why Choose Roller Blinds?

 Roller blinds is also called roller shades, it is a common style in window coverings and window treatments. For whole fabric to roll up and down with chain, it is easy to operate and clean look, do not occupy space make the room wider and simple. 

Roller blinds have manual roller blinds, spring roller blinds and motorized roller blinds.Roller blinds is simple and clean that most customers prefer it. Roller shades suitable for many places,such as commercial buildings,hotel, restaurant,office,home,especially use for large glass.when roller blinds pull down make indoor light soft and prevent harmful light to get privacy. When roller blinds go up that occupy very small space that not easy to find. Roller blinds fabric have semi-blackout fabric, sunscreen fabric and blackout fabric.some function fabrics such as waterproof, fireproof etc. 

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Roller Blinds Type

1. Motorized Roller Blinds

Motorized roller blinds that use tubular motor, operate use remote controller,for up,down and stop. Three buttons on controller that you can control easily to what height and what position as you want. Up button at top,stop button at middle and down button at bottom. According to blinds size to choose different motors. 25mm diameter motor have wired motor and battery motor. 35mm diameter motor can use for large window with heavy duty bottom rail. If wider can use one motor control several pieces. Such as below if one window for 8m,that divided into three pieces use middle connector just for one motor and one remote controller to control. One piece roller blinds max width for 3m (118inch)and height can be 10m(393inch). Remote controller have single remote controller just control one blind, muti-channel remote controller max control 15 blinds.

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2. Manual Roller Blinds

Manual roller blinds is driven by chain, when pulling chain that go up and down.for spring end tail that easy to install and operate. When pull it is better to keep the same speed and not to be hurry in case fabric in stuck into clutch. For chain have POM plastic chain or metal chain(stainless steel). Manual roller blinds is suitable for normal roller blinds, operate by hand, height usually max 3-5 meters.

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3. Spring Roller Blinds

Spring roller blinds that put spring inside of roller tube can stop at any position.when pull softly for bottom rail or cord on the bottom rail it will go up directly, that is why also called semi-auto blinds.It is easy to operate and use short time can stop any height you want. Spring roller blinds is suitable for small window that better below 4 square meter. 

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4.Blackout Roller Blinds

Blackout roller blinds that for prevent the strong sunlight come into indoor, that can use for bedroom, or need high privacy place. Material:most of roller blinds combined with components and fabric.Blackout fabric can be for fiberglass fabric, polyester fabric. Fiberglass fabric. 3 ply plasticized PVC plus 1 ply 100% fiberglass.

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