Why Choose Shangri-la Blinds
- Dec 29, 2017 -

Why Choose Shangri-La Blinds?

 Shangri-la Blind come from American COMFERTEX.Shangri-La curtain combined the feature of motorized blinds,sheer blinds,Venetian blinds and roller blinds. It is a new design.Triple shades is the best choice of keeping privacy and controlling light.Use widely in villa,building,coffee house,restaurant,hotel etc.


 1. Plain light filtering shangri-la blinds——light filtering,see outside view

 2. Linen light filtering shangri-la blinds——light filtering,see outside view

 3. Room darkening shangri-la blinds——room darkening

Product Catalog

Shangri-La fabric catalog defined four types to demand different needs from customers.

1. Plain Shangri-la Blinds

comfortex shangri la blinds

2. Printing Shangri-la Blinds

printed blinds

3. Ladder Shangri-la Blinds also called Verman Blinds,Verman blind is a kind of upgrade product of Shangri-la, which not only keep the hazy effect of Shangri-la curtains, but also possess the same function.

ladder blinds

4. Square Shangri-la Blinds also called galaxy blinds, upgrade from normal shangri-la blinds,looks more elegant

galaxy blinds

For operation way: Manual shangri-la blinds and motorized shangri-la blinds 

Product Structure

  1. Cassette and bottom rail:High quality aluminum alloy roller tube and bottom rail, power coated technology.

 2. Clutch:Use PA66+GF,POM quality plastic, and inside for metal core with import piano spring, easy to operate and durable using. 

 3. Fabric:Polyester fabric,prevent UV and saving energy, friendly environment.

 4. Bracket:Easy to install with top brackets and wall bracket.

Product Feature 

Shangri-la blinds is easy to control light, combined with many vanes.when blinds close,all vanes down looks like full fabric.when blinds open,the vane up and stand between both sheers.through high technology make fabric and sheer become a whole set. Total open,two sheers vertical and horizontal,from one sheer that to reduce light come till two sheers close together the light prevent, if continue to adjust height that blinds will roll with roller tube to go up and better to control light. Shangri-la blind looks elegant to keep light softly.Open vanes to adjust light and when blinds total up that hide at inside cover. Easy to clean and operate.

silhouette blinds